BORN PRETTY Violet Purple Dream Garden Gradient Glitter Nail Dip Powder 10ml

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Tired of seeing your nails chip everyday? We have something just you. Your nails deserve more than regular polish - they deserve our long-lasting nail dip powder! Lasting twice as long as gel, and three times as long as regular liquid polish, our dip powder is made from polymer acrylic, making it resistant to chipping. Finally enjoy the beauty of your nails for over 30 days without having to worry about touch-ups.

Our salon quality nail dip powder is compatible with all brands of activator liquids, making it easy to apply. Taking less time to dry than any liquid polish alternative, a dip powder is faster to apply, and much less messy, since you don’t need to use a UV light for curing (hooray!) Struggling between a choice of regular polish or dip powder? Here are some tips that might help you make up your mind.

Even the average dip powder lasts a much longer period of time when compared to regular polish. It is longer lasting than liquid polish and even gels. Polymer acrylic which is the major ingredient used in making nail powder is what gives them their special properties.

You can use nail dipping powder for as long as thirty (30) days and it’ll still look as good as new. What’s more, you get to skip that lengthy wait for your nails to dry off. Yet another big plus is how you don’t need to expose your delicate skin to the ravages of UV light just so your cure can be perfect.

Choose from over 500 colors and many unique types of dip powder like glitter, fluorescent, holographic, color changing, mirror finish, matte and many more. Go on, make your nails shine without hassle! Try one today and see what all the fuss is about.

BORN PRETTY Violet Purple Dream Garden Gradient Glitter Nail Dip Powder 10ml
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